Top 5 Q's From iOS Dev Live Stream - Self-Taught, Singletons, Sr. Dev, Objective-C, Remote Work

Sean Allen
CocoaHeadsNL Meetup @ Xebia

Stichting CocoaHeadsNL
Episode 361: This Is An Opportunity

Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece
Reveal 21: Bugs Begone!

Reveal Team
Getting Started With Realm Database In Swift

Reinder de Vries
Android Debug Bridge Tricks and Tips

Sharing Business Logic Using React Native

Building Your Personal Brand – Lansing Marketing Hackers

BrightDigit Team
Advice for Superheroes and Software Consultants

Atomic Object Team
Apple’s 2FA announcement will break all Your iOS CI/CD Pipelines. How to Prepare For It

Shashikant Jagtap
Books Break the Shackles of Time

Jason Brennan
An Introduction to Functional Programming in Swift [FREE]

Ray Wenderlich and Team
Waiting for a New iMac

Michael Tsai
Implementing NetNewsWire Search

Michael Tsai
Apple to Target Combining iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apps by 2021

Michael Tsai
The Curiously Recursive Inlinable Switch Pattern (CRISP)

Michael Tsai
Fix Stack View Disasters

Steve Lipton

Brent Simmons
It’s time to stop using index(of:)

Paul Hudson
DejalNews #75: Time Out tips & supporter poll

David Sinclair
Upcoming Two-Factor Authentication Requirement for Account Holders

Algorithms and Data Structures in Swift - App Review

Sean Allen
Start Using Lazy | Swift 5, Xcode 10

Kilo Loco
Playgrounds That Work. - IDB026

Evan K. Stone
Updating Advanced Swift
QA Testing Myths

Novoda Team
TalkBack Crash Course

Big Nerd Ranch Team
Wrapping a TypeScript Function for Background Execution

Atomic Object Team
Styling by subclassing

Tibor Bödecs
Required keyword usage in Swift classes and structs

Antoine van der Lee
Code Coverage Is A Broken Metric

Giovanni Lodi
Lessons From 6 Software Rewrite Stories

Michael Tsai
T2 Macs Have a Serious Audio Glitching Bug

Michael Tsai
NetNewsWire Status: February 19, 2019

Brent Simmons
Software without coding, documents vs. apps, or the impossible dream of the “personal CRM”

Bryan Irace
iOS System Design Templates for Apple Design Resources Updated

Siri Shortcuts Added to Apple Design Resources

SF Compact Rounded Added to SF Font Download

New Adobe XD Apple Design Resources for watchOS

Swift News #46 - Evolving Swift, # of apps in Swift, Productivity, Style Guides, ARKit & More!

Sean Allen
Single Select Button Groups - Part 36 - Itinerary App (iOS, Xcode 10, Swift 4)

Mark Moeykens
Login To Your Database | Swift 5, Xcode 10

Kilo Loco
S1E13: Bizarre but legal

Paul Hudson and Sean Allen
#301: Haggling Over Celery

Charles Perry and Joe Cieplinski
Hiring and the Technical Interview

Prolific Interactive Team
Notes from the margins

MartianCraft Team
Open PDFs in an Angular App with PSPDFKit

How I failed 39 interviews, and what I’ve learned?

Lisa Dziuba and friends
EmpowerApps.Show – Cloud and Backend Services For Apps

BrightDigit Team
Shazam for iOS Sheds 3rd Party SDKs

Appfigures Team
Honey Comes and Goes – A Lesson In App Marketing

Appfigures Team
The Fragile Manifesto

Graham Lee
Using CLion as an IDE for Server Side Swift Apps on Linux [FREE]

Ray Wenderlich and Team
Chris Lattner on the origins of Swift

Ole Begemann
API Pollution in Swift Modules

Ten Years Ago, Apple Said Goodbye to Macworld

Michael Tsai
Daring Fireball 2018 Apple Report Card

Michael Tsai
Inline Types and Functions in Swift

Michael Tsai
Explaining Code Using ASCII Art

Michael Tsai
EmpowerApps.Show – Cloud and Backend Services For Apps

Leo Dion
Reading Barcodes And QR Codes With AVFoundation

Dejan Agostini
Introducing Codewerks

Aaron Vegh
Swift + Docker + Kubernetes = Awesome Deployments from macOS

Shashikant Jagtap
Inline types and functions in Swift

John Sundell