Meetup 17 April 2019 at Incentro, Utrecht

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Under the Radar 163: CalZones

Marco Arment and David Smith
32: "Dark mode convert"

John Sundell and Gui Rambo
Hack Week March 2019: Taking ‘Play Hard’ Seriously

Instabug Team

Simon Kågedal Reimer
James Dempsey – Podcast S09 E01 [FREE]

Ray Wenderlich and Team
Getting Started With RxSwift and RxCocoa [FREE]

Ray Wenderlich and Team
All the Streaming Video

Michael Tsai
Twitter’s Complicated and Messy Verification Process

Michael Tsai
Core Image Filter Reference

Michael Tsai
Introducing CalZones

Michael Tsai
Sandboxing Makes Quarantine Flags Almost Meaningless

Michael Tsai
Qualcomm and Apple Agree to Drop All Litigation

Michael Tsai
Hackers Abused Support Portal to Read Microsoft E-mails

Michael Tsai
Safari Auto-Submitting AutoFilled Passwords

Michael Tsai
The Time Tim Cook Stood His Ground Against the FBI

Michael Tsai
Actions in Table Views

Steve Lipton
NetNewsWire Now Running on iOS

Brent Simmons
Introducing CalZones: A Timezone Savvy Calendar

David Smith
The five types of communication problems that destroy company morale

Cate Huston
Playing with Foldables in Android Q

Novoda Team
PSPDFKit 1.12 for Windows

Writing your Gradle build scripts in Kotlin on Android

Big Nerd Ranch Team
Four Ways to Keep Junk Out of Git

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Discriminated Unions in GraphQL and TypeScript

Atomic Object Team
Executing WebAssembly Binaries From Python

Gus Mueller
Developer productivity boost with Google Search Tips & Tricks

Antoine van der Lee
New Swift hardware

Graham Lee
How to test view controllers navigation

Giovanni Lodi
Deep Linking at Scale on iOS

Alberto De Bortoli
Swift News #54 - Swift Evolution, Generics, Size Classes, Marzipan & More!

Sean Allen
Editing Activity Table View Rows - Part 43 - Itinerary App (iOS, Xcode 10, Swift 5)

Mark Moeykens
S1E17: Now he sounds French

Paul Hudson and Sean Allen
#309: Go Talk to SaaS People

Charles Perry and Joe Cieplinski
How PSPDFKit Succeeds at Being a Remote Company

Model-View-Controller (MVC) in iOS – A Modern Approach [FREE]

Ray Wenderlich and Team
Guided Access

Core Animation Bug in macOS 10.14.4

Michael Tsai
10 Years of MacStories

Michael Tsai
Library Evolution for Stable Swift ABIs

Michael Tsai
iOS Guided Access

Michael Tsai
Swift Generics Improvements

Brent Simmons
AudioKit Contributor Cem Olcay Releases StepBud: AUv3 MIDI Sequencer

Designing Swift APIs

John Sundell
More Thoughts at Random on Blog Search Engines

Brent Simmons
Flutter – an overview of cross-platform framework

Dejan Agostini